Pioneering The Patent Profession

Patent Practitioner


We are raising the industry standards for the Patent Practitioner and want to invite you to join us.

So, who are we?


National Council on Patent Practicum (NCPP) was founded in order to assist and serve the public by establishing certification standards for patent professionals. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, we oversee the development and operation of the Certified Patent Practitioner (CPP) program.

The CPP credential is a professional designation that distinguishes those who have demonstrated experience, proficiency, knowledge, and understanding of patent drafting and prosecution through involvement in the patent preparation and prosecution processes.

In other words, let the world know you really know what you’re doing as a patent professional and help other practitioners get the best training they need to be the best!


Receive exclusive recruitment services as a Certified Firm or Practice Group 

Access patent focused CLEs and industry recognition as a CPP Member 

Help promote industry standards and raise funds for scholarships as a Sponsor


Don’t miss out on our upcoming CLE on February 20th and find out how you can start supporting NCPP today!


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