Patent Pipeline Program​

A way forward for women and minorities in the patent industry.

diversity within the patent profession

The Patent Pipeline Program (PPP), launched by National Council on Patent Practicum (“NCPP”) in partnership with Meta is a program which seeks to increase the number of women and minorities within the patent profession, while continuing to foster relationships with partner firms that have prioritized diversity efforts.

Diversity often leads to more innovative solutions and a wider range of ideas, ultimately benefiting the field of patent law and the industries it serves.
braxton davis
Braxton Davis, ESQ
Executive Director, NCPP
Our approach for Patent Pipeline Program

Insight. Creativity. Opportunity.

Advocating for our candidates’ growth and development in patent preparation and prosecution.


Expose minority groups and women to the possibilities available in the patent industry.


Provide practical, hands-on training in patent preparation and prosecution.


Join the patent teams of the country's top corporations and law firms.

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Why We Do What We Do

The Benefits of
Diversity in the
Patent Industry

We believe increasing diversity within the patent profession is important for several compelling reasons:

A diverse patent profession promotes equity and inclusion by ensuring that opportunities are accessible to individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, regardless of gender or ethnicity. This is not only fair but also essential for a just and inclusive society.

Diverse teams bring a broader spectrum of perspectives and experiences to the table.

By increasing the number of women and minorities in the patent profession, this aim ensures that the legal field more accurately reflects the broader population. This representation is vital in promoting trust and confidence in the legal system.

In an increasingly globalized world, diversity in the patent profession can provide a better understanding of international markets and the legal intricacies involved, which can be valuable for businesses and inventors with international interests.

Companies and clients are increasingly seeking diverse legal representation. A more diverse patent profession can give firms a competitive edge in attracting a broader client base.

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