CPP Waive-In Registration

Welcome, Future Certified Patent Practitioner!

Please complete the CPP waive-in registration form below, certify the declaration by clicking each checkbox, and proceed to PayPal to submit your introductory CPP registration fee of $99. Note: All fields are required.

    CPP Registration Declaration

    I certify that I am a member in good standing of the Patent Bar of the United States and have received no disciplinary action.

    I certify that I have practiced continuously for 5 years within the previous 10 year period or as in-house counsel with the primary role of overseeing patent prosecution, development, licensing, sales and/or acquisitions.

    I certify that I have drafted 50+ patent applications.

    I certify that I have drafted 50+ office action responses.

    To the best of the signatory's knowledge, information, and belief, formed after an inquiry reasonable under the circumstances, the attestations and other factual contentions made above have evidentiary support. The signatory being warned that willful false statements and the like are punishable by fine, termination of the CPP status, and further sanctions by the USPTO Office of Enrollment Discipline and/or the State Bar, declares that all statements made of his/her own knowledge are true and all statements made on information and belief are believed to be true.